Photo by Krzysztof Ciborowski

To come across Annie’s work in a world awash in images, is a revelation. It immediately catches your eye, engages your mind, and evokes an emotional response. Whether it’s a photo taken in the metro, of an art lover admiring a classical painting, or a child playing in the street, through her eyes these common sights evoke a photographic response that cuts through, and demolishes the clichés one is usually presented with.

Her visual quickness and intelligence is so acute that, when looking at her work, I sense that she has a ‘third eye’ - a camera eye that is directly connected to her quirky brain, and thus able to give me a thought provoking new, and unexpected interpretation of everyday life.

Sometimes her work makes me smile, sometimes it makes me contemplative, often it makes me laugh, and invariable it makes me think. Above all, it makes me thankful that she is there with her camera, to let me share her world.